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Since 2014 travelling between EU countries with your Dog or Cat has been made easier and as France is such a dog friendly country why not bring them with you.
There are just a few easy steps but they must be done in the correct order so here is an easy guide to help you.

The first step is to get your dog microchipped, all dogs in the UK should now be microchipped so for most people it’s on to step two.

Step two is to get your pet vaccinated against rabies, this can be done once they have reached the age of 12 weeks and can be administered alongside their normal vaccinations but it must be done after the microchipping, check with the vet how long the vaccination lasts as they can vary by manufacturer but usually it will be 3 years.

Step three is to collect your pet passport from the vet and check through to make sure all the details are correct and the pages stamped and signed by the vet. Usually the passport can be collected at the same time as the vaccination is done.

You are now ready to go abroad, there is no longer a need for a blood test before returning to the UK, you must wait 21 days from the date of vaccination to re enter but you can leave the UK prior to this 21 day waiting period.

We find the simplest way to cross the channel is by Eurotunnel, your pet remains with you all the time during the journey and there are secure exercise areas at both sides of the tunnel.
If you prefer to travel by ferry and your pet is happy being left alone in the car for approximately one hour this is the other option, just make sure they are secure and have plenty of ventilation and water.

Once in France you will find your four legged friend is welcome in 99% of bars, cafes and restaurants, it was only last year that dogs were banned from supermarkets but it is still common to find them wandering around most other shops on a daily basis.

The procedure for returning to the UK with your pet is just as simple as the first ones.

Step one, at least 24 hours but not more than 120 hours (5days) before your arrival time back in the UK you need to visit a vet in France, as in the UK most towns have at least one and they are all familiar with the pet passport scheme. The good thing is most speak good English. The vet will do a general health check on your animal and administer a tapeworm treatment before again signing and stamping your pet passport.

Step two, on arrival at the tunnel or ferry port follow the signs for the dog area, here you will find a secure exercise pen and the passport office, take your pet to the office where the staff will check their microchip number agains the passport and make sure the tapeworm treatment and vet check has been done then allow you to continue on your way back to the UK.

The cost involved varies but I would advise speaking with your usual vet as often they are the cheapest, the initial passport issue including microchipping is around £50-70 but remember this lasts for up to 3 years. The return procedure again varies but is usually between €20-35 per animal.

We can of course help in locating a local vet near to The Nut House.